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ICQ is a mobile phone application that lets you engage in free calling from any device. You can do free calling, send messages, and even get ICQ for your Mac or PC computer for free video calls. Mainly for mobile phone purposes, ICQ is relied on by many users for their chatting needs, and helps them keep in touch with the people that they care about. You can enjoy tons of different features with ICQ. ICQ is available for iPhone, Android, Windows, Symbian and Java phones, allowing you to call and chat from anywhere. You simply add contacts onto ICQ and then you can contact them whenever you'd like.

  • Take advantage of video calling, phone calling, and instant messaging from your mobile device, Mac or PC.
  • ICQ is available for tons of different phones including iPhone, Android, Windows, Symbian, and Java.
  • ICQ lets you add whoever you want and you have to accept requests from strangers.
  • You can make new friends on ICQ and chat with people from all across the world, or you can chat with the people close to you.
  • ICQ only takes moments to download and then you can use it whenever you would like.
  • You can take advantage of ICQ2go, which allows you to use ICQ on your PC without having to download anything. This saves you time and lets you still enjoy ICQ.

ICQ is free to use - all you have to do is download it and then you will be able to use it at any time. The software offers you tons of great features for no charge, so you can take advantage of multiple chatting features and have fun without worrying about paying anything.

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  • ICQ is free to use.
  • ICQ is very simple to use - you will get the hang of it in no time.
  • Available for a wide range of different platforms - get it on your PC or Mac, or get it on your phone. ICQ lets you download the software to a wide range of different phones.
  • Makes chatting with friends and family easy - you can send messages, call for free, and do video chatting.
  • ICQ also lets you meet new people - you can chat with anyone in the world, and there are thousands upon thousands of users on ICQ.

The only drawback to ICQ is that you can only talk to others who are using ICQ. A lot of these chatting applications allow you to chat with people from across different softwares, such as on Yahoo Messenger. ICQ doesn't allow you to do this. It also doesn't support encrypted communication, which can be risky for your system.

ICQ is a great way to chat with your friends and family and easy connect with them on your devices. Whether you want to use your cell phone, PC, Mac, or just want to try out the ICQ2go, you can find an easy and reliable way to keep in touch with those you love. ICQ is a great software that will allow you to chat with people in a variety of different ways, and you don't have to pay any money to do it.

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