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Messenger Plus! is a free webcam software that allows you to add some spunk to your webcam experience. It is an extension that you can add to Skype for cool features and extras that make your experience more enjoyable. You can enjoy all of these for free. Messenger Plus! has been downloaded by tens of millions of users all over the world, giving them plug ins, skins, scripts, fun sounds, emoticons, and much more. Messenger Plus! has been working to give you an even greater experience on Skype by the hard work of their collaborative and dedicated developer team. You can get an amazing experience out of Messenger Plus! and you do not have to pay anything to enjoy the amazing features that it provides you with.

  • Animations (winks) - you can send flash video animations to your friends, family and co-workers. This adds some fun to your conversation and enhances your experience.
  • Video and sound effects - get the most out of Messenger Plus! and enjoy a wide range of built-in video and sound effects. You can view them before adding them to your call.
  • Call recordings - if you want to keep a record of your conversation, Messenger Plus! allows you to do this. You can record video and audio of an unlimited duration.
  • Video sharing - You can share videos with a friend and let them watch it right on the chat.
  • Custom sounds and ring tones - You can send custom sounds to your contacts from the sound archive, which contains thousands of fun sounds and ring tones for you to play around with.

Messenger Plus! is a free extension that gives you more out of your webcam experience. You don't need to pay anything to enjoy Messenger Plus!, including the emoticons and winks. You don't have to worry about spending extra money to enjoy the features of Messenger Plus!

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  • Free to use, which is a major benefit that makes many users happy.
  • Adds some life to your webcam experience with fun emoticons and sounds that you can send to your chatting partner.
  • Is very easy to use and only takes a few moments to download onto your computer.
  • Also allows you to record videos which is a very convenient feature that a lot of people wonder where they can find.
  • Dedicated to giving you the best experience with your Skype chatting, and have developed their software to ensure that you have a great time chatting with friends.
  • You can easily stream videos while on webcam with your friend.

Messenger Plus! has a 2.5/5 rating on, which is a site that allows users to rate software. One user on the site also said that Messenger Plus! was very difficult to remove from their computer.

Messenger Plus! gives you amazing features and helps liven up your Skype experience so that you can have even more fun with your friends, family, partner, and co-workers. It gives you emoticons, sounds, ring tones, and much more for no charge, and the software is very easy to get the hang of. You will definitely enjoy what Messenger Plus! gives you to add flare to your conversations on Skype. You can explore these features all for free and see what you like. Messenger Plus! is a software that wants to make users happy.

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