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SplitCam is a webcam software that gives you cool webcam effects and a more positive experience while chatting with friends. SplitCam is an easy way to split your webcam video stream, allowing you to chat with more than one friend at a time. You can also stream your video to any different IM or video service on the web, allowing for advanced communication. SplitCam is a great way to get more out of your webcam experience and take advantage of cool and fun effects. You can play around with fun effects and do so much more once you download SplitCam for free. The software is great for people who want to get more out of their webcam chatting experience.

  • Cool effects that let you have a fun time with your friends. This can liven up your conversation and brighten your mood.
  • Video splitting to different programs - this lets you chat on more than one software without getting that annoying "Webcam busy" notification.
  • Realistic 3d masks - you can play around with fun masks and put them on your head. You can turn into anyone, such as Darth Vader.
  • You can get SplitCam for Skype, Yahoo Messenger, AOL AIM, ICQ, Camfrog, Gtalk, YouTube, Just.tv, Ustream, CamZap, Chatroulette, ooVoo, and more.
  • You can stream video files, slide shows, and your desktop at the same time you're on cam.

SplitCamera is free to use. You don't have to pay anything to use it, and there is no 'free trial version'. You simple download the software and then have fun with your friends and family while using it. It is a great way to maximize your webcam experience without paying any money.

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  • SplitCamera is free to use.
  • Very easy to use and only takes a few moments to download.
  • SplitCamera is very user friendly.
  • You can add cool effects to your webcam and have a laugh with your chatting partner.
  • Helps you use your webcam in different programs with as many people as you would like.
  • Thousands of people use SplitCamera to take advantage of free webcam features, showing that it is trustworthy and dependable.
  • SplitCamera has a user's guide to help you if you get stuck with something, and you can always email them for additional support.

SplitCamera can sometimes be glitchy according to some users. The software gives you the option to use your webcam in more than one program, but sometimes this will not work and you will experience problems. If it does work, sometimes you will experience grainy webcam or a webcam that freezes up.

SplitCamera is a great way to make your time on webcam even better. The software is very easy to use and you can laugh at the 3D heads and the other funny effects. SplitCamera is designed to give users a great experience so that they can have more fun while on webcam with loved ones. You can use your webcam in as many programs as you would like, as SplitCamera finds a way to break out of those boundaries and let you use your webcam whenever and wherever you want. You'll have fun with SplitCamera and all of the wonderful features they provide you for free!

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