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Yahoo Messenger has been around for years and is a classic away to enjoy instant messaging with your friends. You can easily find and invite friends from other services to join you in an online chat, you can chat with high quality full-screen videos, and more. There are plenty of features you can get from Yahoo Messenger that are revolutionized to give you an amazing interactive experience. Yahoo Messenger has two versions - you can use it on the web, or you can download and use it that way. Downloading it gives you a lot more features, but it is up to you which you would like to try. Many decide to try the web version before downloading it, just to see if they like it.

  • Easily track down friends and invite them to Yahoo Messenger.
  • Chat with high definition video that gives you a clear, full-screen image of your friend.
  • Conference chatting with multiple friends.
  • Send text messages to your friends' phones for no charge.
  • View photos and web videos with your friends with a built-in media player.
  • View your conversation history from any device at any time.
  • Choose from multiple languages.
  • The web version of Yahoo Messenger is used most for instant messaging, and there is nothing much you can do besides that. You can also send text messages, IM with friends on other networks, and use Yahoo Search.
  • With the download version of Yahoo Messenger, you can engage in photo sharing, webcam chatting, IM conferencing, and file transferring, including much more.
  • With the download version, you can also use skins and play games, as well as get Yahoo updates.
  • You can download Yahoo Messenger onto your phone for instant chatting on the go.

It is completely free to use Yahoo Messenger! This is one of the reasons why the software is so popular. They give you tons of features that you can enjoy for no charge. You have to download Yahoo Messenger if you want to get the most out of the software, but that only takes a few minutes to do and then you can enjoy a wide range of features.

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  • Yahoo Messenger is very easy and straightforward to use. All you have to do is add your friends and then you will be able to explore the features.
  • You can use the application from your mobile phone for messaging from anywhere.
  • Download emoticons, look at pictures and videos with your friends, and engage in tons of fun features that Yahoo Messenger has worked to improve for your enjoyment.
  • Yahoo Messenger is a very popular cam software, and many users have been relying on it for years. You can definitely depend on Yahoo Messenger to give you a pleasant experience.

One user reported having malicious entries after downloading Yahoo Messenger. There is also the drawback that Yahoo Messenger downloads tool bars to your browser without asking you first.

Yahoo Messenger has been used by chatters for over ten years and definitely seems to be reliable and dependable. It is a free software that gives you a wide range of features without charging you anything, and despite what some users have said, you may have a different experience. Yahoo Messenger certainly helps users stay in touch with other loved ones without an effort on their part, just a simple download that only takes a few minutes. You can definitely benefit from Yahoo Messenger and the features that they provide you with for no charge.

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