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Enjoy conferencing calling and keeping in touch with friends and family on FaceFlow. The site makes chatting easy and helps you stay connected with the people you care about. You don't need to download Faceflow in order to use it, and the most exciting apart about it is that you can video call with up to three other friends. Faceflow makes it easy for you to keep in contact with your friends and family on an easy to use platform. The site has great advantages and will let you enjoy conference calling and more, all for free. Faceflow allows you to communicate from anywhere - your home computer, laptop, or even your cell phone (BlackBerry only).

  • Video chat with your friends and send them instant messages.
  • Communicate on an easy to use messaging system that is straightforward.
  • An appealing design that you can enjoy.
  • Upload a picture of yourself so your friends can see an up to date picture.
  • You can chat from anywhere with the site's Blackberry 10 application. The site is also developing an app for iOS and Android so that these users can benefit as well.
  • Conference call with up to three friends.
  • Invite non-Faceflow members to talk with you on the site easily.

Faceflow is free to use. You can sign up for an account or simply log in with your Facebook account. The site will not post any information on your Facebook unless you let it. Once you are a registered member, you can enjoy the site and all of it's features.

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  • Faceflow is very easy to use and you will have no trouble figuring it out.
  • Faceflow is completely free to use and you will never have to worry about being charged.
  • The site has a great support team that wants you to enjoy the features.
  • You can enjoy chatting with up to three friends at the same time! This is a great feature and something that even Skype doesn't offer for free.
  • Send text messages and do whatever you want to stay in touch with your friends and family members.
  • Even if a friend doesn't have Faceflow, you can invite them to the site and easily have a conversation with them. They won't even need to sign up, saving you time.

Faceflow has great reviews and there doesn't appear to be any drawbacks to using the site. All reviews are positive and some people say that with Faceflow, who needs Skype? The site gives you very impressive features that you can enjoy for free. The only drawback is that the site is not available for most types of phones, only Blackberry 10.

Enjoy Faceflow and keep in touch with the important people in your life. Text, send photos, and video chat for as long as you would like! You can get the site on your phone and enjoy Faceflow's features from anywhere - it is super easy to stay connected when you have Faceflow to assist you and help make your friends and family members easy to reach. The site is definitely worth trying out and if you want to continue on with it, you will be able to do so for free. There are no hidden costs on Faceflow and even with video chatting with up to three other people, the site still remains free to make users happy and get the most out of their experience.

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