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Rounds is an easy way to meet with new people in a video chat hangout application that is easy to use and interactive. Have fun with friends, play games, browse Facebook, watch YouTube videos together, listen to music, and much more. The site offers you tons of different features and allows you to download the application to your iPhone and Android phone if you wish. You can easily use webcam chat and see your friend in real time, as well as hear their voice, helping you connect even if you are across the world. On Rounds you can create fun and enjoyable memories that will last you forever and you can always come back to the site whenever you wish to talk with someone.

  • Rounds connects you with people from all over the world and gives you tons of features to enjoy.
  • Video chat and text message your friends and family instantly.
  • Meet others in various chatrooms and expand your interests and socialization.
  • Add friends to stay in touch.
  • Customize your own profile to enjoy the features that Rounds offers you.
  • Socialize for as long as you want in a safe environment.
  • Download the app for your cellular device and chat from anywhere.
  • Enjoy conference calling for free! Up to four different people can talk at the same time with audio and video.

Rounds is free to use and free to download onto your phone. You will never have to worry about hidden fees or anything like that, and you can talk for as long as you want without having to pay. The site and application is completely free to use and take advantage of.

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  • Rounds is free and you will never have to worry about being charged for it.
  • You can use it as long as you want and meet as many people as you would like to meet.
  • There is a huge range of different options of people from all over the world on Rounds, and you can meet any of them.
  • Add your friends and communicate with them via text or video chat, whatever you are more comfortable with.
  • You can customize your profile to show who you are and be happy with the image that you are giving to others.
  • There are different chatrooms that you can take advantage of on Rounds and meet people who are talking about a certain topic. This makes conversation easier.

Some users report their being technical errors while trying to use Rounds, especially when first opening it on their computer or on their phone. They have experience glitches, bugs and other problems with the site.

Rounds has a fun layout which invites you to enjoy chatting and meet new people. Connect with your friends and enjoy a wide range of different chatting opportunities and amazing features that Rounds has developed for their users' enjoyment. Talk, play games, and enjoy much more with Rounds and you will definitely have a fun time socializing. The site is easy to use and has a very appealing layout which will make you feel welcomed and interested in the site.

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