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Tinychat is a innovative way to chat with people, especially young adults. The site operates by giving users the opportunity to create a personalized chat-room. They are known as the 'Broadcasters', and then other users can join the chat and start talking with other people who have joined the chat room. Popular and promoted chat rooms are featured at the top of Tinychat, and you can easily sign up and create an Instant Room or Personalized Room for free. Tinychat is very popular for teenagers who want to meet certain types of children, and many of them engage in fun activities while on cam, such as drinking with others and talking about certain topics.

  • A fun experience for young teenagers and young adults, where they can meet and socialize.
  • The opportunity to create your own specialized chat rooms and have strangers join them to chat.
  • The opportunity to browse through hundreds of chat rooms for something that strikes you as interesting.
  • The site also offers you a mobile app that you can download to your phone, meaning you can chat with others from anywhere.
  • An open and comfortable internet community where everyone is welcome to chat with others.
  • You can browse the 'Live Directory' at the top of the main page, searching options such as People Near You, Popular, Comedy, Entertainment, Gaming, Hanging Out, Late Night, and Teen.

Tinychat is free to use and there are no hidden fees. All you have to do is sign up and then you can start chatting with as many people as you would like.

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  • The site is an easy way to interact with strangers and find people you click with.
  • Give you the opportunity to make your own specialized chat room so that you can find someone interesting to talk to, and have something in common with that person.
  • The site is a safe and comfortable community meant to encourage others to socialize with others and find someone with similar interests.
  • The site prohibits discrimination, demeaning and rude remarks, and has very strict policies on this type of behaviour. The site is against online bullying and goes to great lengths to keep it off of Tinychat.
  • The site also prohibits sexual activity in chat rooms and the exchange of sexual favours/nude pictures, so that users can feel safe and comfortable chatting with others.

Tinychat doesn't seem to have any noticeable drawbacks or things that people have complained about. The site is open for anyone to sign up and have fun chatting with others. Sometimes users can experience rude remarks, but this is popular with any site that has teenagers and young adults as most of their user base, and that means that sometimes rude and hurtful things will be said. Overall, Tinychat is full of people are open to meeting new people and having a good time.

Tinychat.com is an innovative way to enjoy chatting with people you have things in common with, and there are tons of options. You have the opportunity to create your own Personalized Chatroom or start up a simple chatroom that anyone can join. You also have the option to search tons of different chat rooms and find what you're looking for. Tinychat.com is a great way to meet new people and it is definitely something to try out if you are bored and want to hang out with people online.

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