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Ustream voted as a "Top Cam Site" for March
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Broadcast in HD with Ustream and get your videos out there. If you are a live broadcaster and want to expand your scope, then Ustream is a great option for you. The site offers you the opportunity to expose you to viewers from around the world, and is highly valuable to those who have tried it out. The site has been used by over 170,000 different broadcasters and the majority of them have had positive experiences with Ustream. This site will give you the recognition you're craving and you will definitely be pleased with what they can do for your live broadcast, putting it out into the world and allowing you to gain a larger fan base.

  • Enjoy a free trial of Ustream and try out the site to see if you like it.
  • Get access to great HD live broadcasting, passing it through to different users and getting you lots of attention.
  • All plans come with unlimited video storage, allowing you to stream without any boundaries. You can store your videos on Ustream as long as your plan is active.
  • Record your own broadcasts and set it to private so that it will be for your eyes only. That way you can make changes and can also view the video again before you release it to the public.
  • Mobile compatible player - Any type of device and screen will be able to view your video on Ustream.
  • Social integration - Upload your broadcast to Facebook and other social media outlets.
  • No ad interruptions so that people can enjoy your broadcast without any hassle.

Ustream offers you a free trial when you are new to the site, giving you the opportunity to see if it suits your need before you pay for it. Pro plans can be anywhere from $99 to $999 USD and you get access to a wide range of features, giving you unlimited broadcasting capabilities.

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  • Ustream gives you the chance to get yourself out there and really give your broadcasts attention.
  • You have the freedom to do what you want with your broadcasts - there are no rules as long as it is legal.
  • You can easily upload your broadcast to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to get yourself recognition from your friends and family members.
  • Get anywhere from 100 to 5,000 viewer hours when you purchase a pro plan.
  • Your viewers will enjoy ad-free broadcasting, meaning they will generally enjoy your video even more.

A major drawback is that once you have uploaded your video, there is no way for you to edit the video's details and customize it. You will have to delete it and then reupload it, which can be a huge setback for a lot of users.

Overall, you will have a great time streaming with Ustream and your broadcast will definitely get the attention that you want once you have built up your fan base and have gotten yourself settled on the site. It is very easy and straightforward to use and there is a great support team that will help you if you have any problems. The site is great and trusted by thousands of different broadcasters who cover a wide range of interests and performances. No matter what you are broadcasting, you will definitely find a great way to push yourself forward and beyond boundaries with Ustream.

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