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Bazoocam voted as a "Top Cam Site" for April
Visit Bazoocam is a web cam based social network that lets you connect with others for no cost. You will be set up with a random person on web cam and then can have a conversation with them. You can connect with users based on your location, or find people in different countries, opening you up to wider experiences and conversations with strangers. also has special features such as games, which can give you and other users something fun to talk about. Like all other random chat websites, Bazoocam sets you up with a complete stranger and easily allows you to switch to a new person effortlessly if the conversation is turning dull. A very advanced feature of Bazoocam is that it can set you up with someone in your location and give you something that you both have in common, as well as making Bazoocam an easy way to meet someone that could turn into a potential love interest. The website accomplishes this by using geolocalization algorithms to set you up with someone who isn't too far away. The experience on Bazoocam is always different because there is a wide range of people using the site at all times. This means it will never get boring.

  • Shows you some of the people who are on line at the top of the main page.
  • Allows you to connect instantly with a random stranger to talk to.
  • Adult chatting is forbidden on the site, meaning younger people can enjoy the site without having to worry about seeing explicit content that their parents would be uncomfortable with them seeing.
  • There is the option to choose a stranger based on their proximity to you, meaning you can chat with people in your own community.
  • Has a list of some of the people who are online at the top of the main page, meaning you can click on someone to chat with.

Bazoocam, like Omegle and other random chat websites without any sponsored adult content, does not charge you a thing for enjoying its features. This means you can chat with strangers for as long as you'd like and not have to pay any money.

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  • Doesn't cost a dime of your money to enjoy Bazoocam and its features.
  • Connection speed is very fast, connecting you instantly with a new person to talk to.
  • You can easily change the chat if the person you're talking with is making you uncomfortable or the conversation is beginning to grow bland.
  • You can meet and talk with people who are in your area, which is a very superb feature of Bazoocam that is not usually found on other random chat sites.
  • Adult content is not allowed on Bazoocam, which is a great thing for many users who do not want to participate in adult chats. is beginning to lose a lot of participants for an uncertain reason. The site also doesn't list how many people are online at one time, which is something that is included on most other random chat sites. Some users have also complained about people breaking the rules about explicit content, which is a common problem among these websites. Overall, Bazoocam is still a very popular cam site that has over thousands of likes and shares on popular social media sites, meaning that it is still an interactive way to chat with strangers.

Bazoocam lets you enjoy one on one conversations with strangers from anywhere in the world. Bazoocam helps you have a positive experience chatting and creates a safe environment for younger users so that parents don't need to worry about what they're being exposed to. At the same time, Bazoocam is not as popular as it used to be and there are still people that break the rules that Bazoocam tries to enforce. But, the website still creates a very simple and effortless way to connect with strangers on the internet, and spend some of your free time interacting with others in your own area.

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