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Chatroulette was one of the first random chat websites that people were introduced to a few years ago. Chatroulette has thousands of people online, but not as many as Omegle. However, it is still a reliable chatting website that will give you a good experience. The website is straightforward and does not require you to pay any money or even sign up; you will instantly be connected with a free stranger and can video chat with them.

The site is primarily used for webcam chats, but you can disable your camera and microphone if you are uncomfortable with that kind of communication. The website also warns you about scammers that record your webcam content and then use it against you for money. The website warns you to be careful about what you choose to do on the camera. There is no 'adult' option for Chatroulette, and displaying nudity is forbidden by the site.

Chatroulette has been used safely by thousands of users each day, and many have been surprised by how easy it is to find a random person from anywhere in the world ready to talk and meet someone new.

  • Allows you to make adjustments to your webcam and mic.
  • Allows you to put an information section where you can put your name, age, gender, location, and 'About me', as well as the languages you can speak.
  • Has a section where you can put your tastes including music, movies and games.
  • Chatroulette gives you the option to set a 'Waiting time', where if the person you're chatting with doesn't respond in a certain amount of time, it will cancel the chat.
  • Also has a 'Search' option, where you can limit your chatting to within your country or certain countries.
  • You can add your picture to your profile.
  • Chatroulette offers a Premium setting where you can limit your chats to only males or only females. This requires a token which costs $10.
  • You can also pay for premium connections, which are contacts you can connect with whenever you want to.

Pricing: Free + Tokens for Premium Features!

Hidden Fees: Chatroulette is free to use other than its Premium settings, where tokens are bought and used to get Premium connections and to chat only with males or females.

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  • Chatroulette is an extremely easy website to use, all navigation occurring on the same page.
  • Immediately connects you with one of thousands of strangers.
  • Gives you the option to create a profile of who you are and for you to view the profile of others.
  • Chatroulette has been rated highly by many users.
  • Chatroulette enforces that broadcasting and offering nudity is prohibited.
  • Chatroulette takes many precautions to keep the website safe.
  • Like all random chat sites, there are always people who will break the rules and offer nudity, or commit other inappropriate actions.
  • Although still has thousands of users online at all times, it is gradually decreasing in traffic.
  • Many better alternatives are causing to slowly die out.

Chatroulette is one of the most reliable chat sites available on the web and it is definitely a good one to try out if you are looking for someone new to talk to. Chatroulette enforces your privacy and wants users to feel safe and encouraged to interact with others. The website is definitely free to use and is not a scam, so you can talk with others whenever you want and for however long you want, free of charge. If you are looking for a trustworthy cam site to go on, Chatroulette is definitely a promising contender amid all of the chat sites out there on the internet. There are no scams and no tricks to try and get you to pay. Many have used Chatroulette and have been pleased by the experience it offers.

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