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WhirlCam is a very basic cam-to-cam chat site that provides you with very few features. In fact, you only have one main feature when using WhirlCam; a roulette type chat interface. This site is unpopulated, making it difficult for you to find new people to chat with and it has a very boring design layout making it incredibly tiresome after a short while of use. WhirlCam does what it has to do; bring people together on cam, but that’s about it. There are many other cam chat sites available on the Internet that are much better than this one.

  • WhirlCam lets you chat with people from all over the world in a webcam-sharing interface.
  • With the press of a button, you can go from one webcam to the next.
  • Few features are available on this site, making it easy for you to make up your mind when it comes to choosing a feature to use.
  • WhirlCam links to another live cam site where you can earn money as a cam model.

This webcam chat site is free to use.

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  • Although this could also be thought of as a drawback, fewer people online gives you more attention from the other online users.
  • WhirlCam is pretty straightforward; hit the “enter” button and then get started.
  • Being able to earn money on webcam through the link at the top is a good addition, but WhirlCam is not responsible for that other website.

WhirlCam is simple and very basic; it has only a roulette chat feature unlike other cam sites that bring you tons of different features to choose from. Very few people are online at any given moment making it difficult for you to really enjoy yourself here. A terrible design layout makes it difficult on the eyes after a short while of chatting. Last but not least, this site loads webcams very slowly; don’t be surprised if you find yourself waiting for webcams to load more often than you actually spend time chatting.

Overall, WhirlCam is a live cam site that isn’t very good. It works because you can meet a few people on here, but when it’s compared to the other cam-to-cam chat sites, it really doesn’t have anything competitive about it. The webcams are slow to load, the design layout is poor and the amount of users online at any given moment is very low. There are so many webcam chat sites available to choose from these days, this one should be left aside. Unless they start adding features and improving the one feature that they already have, WhirlCam most likely won’t last very long in this very competitive cam chat industry.

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