Topcamsites FAQ lists the most common questions we get from users of this site along with our answers. If you don't see your question here please contact us and we will get your question answeres as soon as possible. We will also add your question to this section so other users will be able to view the answer to your question.

What is TopCamSites?

TopCamSites is a site that brings you reviews for the very best chat sites on the internet. We bring you reviews for webcam chat sites that you can trust! Our reviews mainly cover adult cam sites.

How often are new site reviews added?

Our team is constantly searching for new cam sites to review. As soon as we find a new site, we test it out and post our review in the appropriate category. Normally we add new site reviews on a weekly basis.

When are the TCS Awards handed out?

We nominate the TCS Award winners once per year in January. Once the winners are chosen using unique algorithms, data analysis and by reading through user reviews, we update the TCS Awards page with the new winners.

Why is my user review not posted yet?

When leaving a user review, you will need to enter a valid email address. Entering a non-valid email address will prevent your review from being posted. Entering vulgar language can also prevent your review from being posted. If these issues do not apply to your situation, wait at least 24 hours; if the review has still not appeared, contact our support team for additional assistance.

I don’t have a webcam – can I still use cam sites?

Absolutely! You don’t need to own a webcam in order to use cam chat sites. However, when using chat roulette sites, you will notice that it becomes much more difficult to find people to chat with when you don’t have a webcam. Nonetheless, all of the chat sites here provide you with the ability to use text chat when a webcam is not available.

Why does my webcam keep disconnecting?

If your webcam keeps disconnecting when trying to use cam chat sites, many reasons could be at cause. Firstly, make sure that your computer is equipped with enough performance to run cam sites. If you are using an older computer, you may need to upgrade it in order to use webcam chat sites. If your computer is not at cause, make sure that your internet connection is strong enough. Another cause could include software that is interfering with your webcam, an antivirus, a firewall or any other program that is currently running on your computer. Try closing every running software and program then try again. If all of the above does not resolve the issue, contact the support team on the site that you are using.

What happens during sex cam shows?

Cam performers who put on sex cam shows provide you with a unique adult experience. Unlike sex videos, the performers here are live on webcam in real time and actually respond to your requests. Some models use sex toys, others have friends with them. You can ask the performers to do certain sex acts such as strip in specific lingerie or use certain toys. All models specialize in different sexual acts, so finding your favourite type of sex niche is the key to having a great time.

What is the difference between public and private shows?

When viewing cam sites, you will be able to watch free shows, which are also known as public shows. These shows allow hundreds of people to watch the shows simultaneously. However, if you want to spend some alone time with the models, you can enter private shows. Private shows are amazing because you are alone with the cam performer so they give you 100% of the attention. This is also great if you want them to do certain things on cam that aren’t available in public shows.

What are group cam shows?

Some cam sites provide you with the ability to watch group shows. These are similar to private shows, but instead of being alone with the cam performer, a few other people get to join in on the fun as well. The great thing about group shows is that they are cheaper than private shows and the models still get just as naughty as in private shows. However, if you’re looking for a true one on one experience, nothing compares to private shows.

Will I remain anonymous on sex cam sites?

While most sex cam sites value your privacy and keep you 100% anonymous, we cannot speak for every single cam site online. However, we do our best to only list sites that keep you anonymous at all times. If you are unsure, read our cam site reviews and you will quickly find out whether or not a site allows you to remain anonymous.

Can I use sex cam sites with my partner?

Absolutely! If you feel like spicing up your relationship, sex cam sites are a great option. You and your partner will love having a threesome with the cam model of your choice. You can even have sex on cam with other couples for a truly unique experience. It’s actually better than having real life threesomes because there is no physical contact with others, but you still get to spice up your love life.

How much do private cam shows cost?

The price per cam show will always vary. Normally, you have to pay a certain amount per minute for as long as you remain in the private show. This price will vary from one cam performer to another and can range from just a few cents per minute all the way to a few dollars per minute. The price depends on the popularity of the model and how much demand there is for private shows with that cam girl or guy.

Are there any free cam sites?

Yes! We have a full section that lists free cam sites. Check out our Free Cams category to find dozens of sites that allow you to have webcam sex for free.

Cam I use the gay cam sites even if I’m straight?

Absolutely! Many bi-curious and straight men use gay cam sites to have a unique experience. Many guys are curious, but don’t want to go through with it in real life; gay cams are the best way to bring it to reality.