How To Make Online Friends In 5 Minutes

Navigate to a random cam site, such as Chatrandom, and you are presented with the ability to make tons of new friends. However, Chatrandom has over 60,000 user daily so finding a way to make friends quickly is essential if you don’t want to be ‘nexted’. The first five minutes of any conversation can determine if a friendship will blossom or if you will ousted for the next random stranger. Therefore, making the most of the first five minutes of chat is paramount to finding friendship online. There are three stages to making friends online; the first impression, the ice breaker, and the shared interests. Follow this sequence and you will have no problems making online friends in 5 minutes.

Minute 1 – The First Impression

The first 60 seconds are the most critical. In the first minute people make snap decisions and decide if they like you, if they want to be your friend, and if they are going to ‘next’ you. 90% of people click next within the first minute so getting someone to stick around beyond that point hugely improves your chances of making friends. One of the best ways to make a great first impression is to dress up or dance as the person first sees your webcam. Doing something a little bit different can instantly get their attention and encourage them to stay and chat with you. If you are sitting at desk with your arms folded and a frown on your face, people are unlikely to stay for that first minute.

Minutes 2 and 3 – The Ice Breaker

So, you’ve made a great first impression and now the person has decided to stick around but you haven’t made friends just yet! Opening the conversation in a boring and predictable manner can be just as costly as making a poor first impression. Use your personality to make the other person laugh with a clever opening line. Avoid cliché questions such as ‘How are you?’ or ‘Where are you from?’ Instead, think of a unique question to ask them or just tell them a joke (but make sure it’s funny!). Doing this should break the ice and allow the other person to relax and open up. At this stage the other person should be gaining interest in you and a friendship is beginning to develop.

Minutes 4 and 5 – The Shared Interests

Now the person you’re chatting to is relaxed and the ice has been broken, it’s time to find out what their interests are and if you share them. Ask the other person what they like to do in their spare time or if they like a certain band. Discovering what their interests are allows a natural flow of conversation about shared hobbies and likes. As you both learn more about each other’s likes and dislikes, the conversation will flow much easier and you will become friends. By the time you have been chatting for 5 minutes it should be obvious if you both share similar interests and if you will remain friends.

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How to make online friends in 5 minutes

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