Simple Tips To Get The Clearest Webcam

There’s nothing worse than displaying a poor quality image from your webcam. It can hugely frustrating when there is a low resolution or the picture is too dark, plus it will annoy the person who is trying to see your webcam. There are a huge variety of webcams available on the market with some boasting a HD quality picture, however, not everyone can afford a HD webcam so here are some simple tips you can use to get the clearest image quality from your webcam:

  • Use proper lights
  • Keep the backdrop clean
  • Customize your webcam settings
  • Avoid moving around too much
  • Invest in auto-focus webcams


The lighting arrangement when you are using a webcam is crucial. If you are using the computer’s monitor as the only light source it will produce an awful glare on your face and if there is any other light source in the background it will detract from what the viewer is supposed to be looking at. An easy solution for this is to use a desk lamp either beside or behind the laptop as a light source. Doing this will remove the glare from the computer monitor and place focus on you instead of the background. You can also use a plain white sheet of paper to diffuse the light from the lamp for a softer effect. Doing this will remove any shiny spots the lamp is placing on your face.


If you’re on a webcam and there is lots going on in the background, your cam won’t know where to place its focus. Do you ever notice that professional photographers use a pop up background and light stand when taking pictures? That’s because a plain background presents more focus on the subject in the foreground and provides a much clearer image. If you don’t use you webcam enough to purchase a popup background try sitting in front of a plain colored wall so that the only focus of the webcam is on you.

Play with Your Webcam Settings

Most webcams will automatically adjust brightness and color when installed, however, by playing around with the webcam settings you can tweak the properties in order to gain a clearer image. The best way to do this is by opening up the webcam so it is displaying on your desktop with the properties opened beside it. Adjust the various settings to see how it affects the image on display with particular attention to the brightness and contrast settings. Once the webcam stream shoes a nice clear image, save the settings and apply.

Minimize Your Movements

The majority of people like to move around a fidget a lot when on cam which can result in blurring. When using your webcam try not to make too many sudden movements as it will cause the image to become distorted and the viewer will be unable to see your picture clearly. Another thing to avoid is leaning in towards the webcam. If you move in too close to the webcam it will affect the image being produced and compromise the clarity of your picture. If you’re using a smartphone or tablet, try placing it on a stand to stabilize the device and gain a clearer image.

At TopCamSites we want to do whatever we can to help our users find and make the most of their use of webcam sites. We took the most common questions that we received and created tips to help others looking for assistance. We update this section from time to time when we get new tip ideas from our users.

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Simple tips to get the clearest webcam

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